Do High Up Front Costs Put You Off Selling Your Property in Scotland? For Example Home Reports and Advertising?

I’m trying to guage the fellings of potential property sellers in Scotland towards the level of up-front costs that they have to bear if they want to put their property on the market. In particular, is it putting people off selling?

In most cases, the main upfront costs of selling your property will be:

  • Home Report
  • Estate agent marketing fee
  • Advertising (solicitors’ property centre advertising e.g. ESPC, newspaper advert, etc)
  • Printed schedules and floorplans

The largest cost will usually be the Home Report which, for a £150,000 property, will typically be around £500 including VAT.

Do these costs put you off selling your property? Or does the level of up-front cost in fact make it impossible for you to sell at the moment? As a firm of estate agents, we are interested in what property sellers feel so that we can adapt our service to their needs and, essentially, give you want you want. Your feedback is therefore really helpful.

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