Funding a New Playground for Corstorphine Primary School

Recently we were approached by a parent at Corstorphine Primary School, a school very close to our Costorphine office. She wanted to know whether we would be willing to help out with a project to build a playground for the children of Costorphine Primary School? Would we? Yes. Yes we would. Very much.

It’s these kind of things that get us fired up here at MOV8 Real Estate. The idea of being able to help people who need that help encourages us to work even harder to make it happen. As a firm, we believe in helping others to reach their fullest potential – whether that be our staff working their way through our MOV8 Academy modules that are created specifically to help them to achieve their career goals in property or whether it’s helping our clients to get the best possible price they can for their property. But lending a hand to local good causes is extra special.

Ten per cent of all profits made at MOV8 go to good causes: local, national and international. That’s why we were so delighted to hear about Project Play at Corstorphine Primary School.

This year we have been able to support the homeless at The Big Issue with their Spread The Glove campaign. We’ve participated in the World’s Largest Coffee Morning with Macmillan, we’re currently in the middle of Movember (and have some very dodgy photos to prove it) and in December shall be donning our Christmas Jumpers to help Save The Children. With Corstorphine Primary School’s project to fund a new playground though, we’re delighted to be able to get involved in helping a great cause that’s on our doorstep.

Corstorphine Primary School currently has nothing in the way of exciting, stimulating equipment for the children to play with during their breaks. That’s why the parents have taken it upon themselves to raise the money to create a wonderland for their, and many other, children to come to. There are 600 children currently at the school and many more signed up to attend next year. We are delighted that we will make a difference in each and every one of their lives.

Along with securing a grant from a large, national fund, the parent committee of Project Play have been tasked with raising £10,000 for the required work and materials for the playground. MOV8 Real Estate has donated £5,000 towards that amount and has pledged to help the children to raise the remaining £5,000.

So far, we have worked with the parents and staff at Corstorphine Primary School to create a learning plan that will have the dual purpose of raising the remaining £5,000 and also helping to teach the children new skills and give them new experiences.

Among other lessons, we’ll be running an ‘Apprentice’-style lesson, allowing the children to design, create, market and then sell cakes at the school Nativity. It is our hope that we can pass on a few of the skills that we at MOV8 use daily; working as a team, project management, sales and marketing. Hopefully, these lessons will inspire and encourage the pupils to turn their hand to new challenges and open their eyes to new possibilities.

The younger children and nursery classes will also have an opportunity to get involved too, starting with our Corstorphine Christmas Poster Competition. Watch out for the winning design in the widow of our Corstorphine branch over the festive season!

If you’d like more information about how we plan to raise £5,000 for Corstorphine Primary School’s Project Play or if you wish to donate towards this worthy cause, please contact Laura at [email protected].


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  1. John avatar

    It is breathtaking to read of this. Some ‘official charities’ don’t seem able to get 10% of their income into the charities for which they were set up. Marvellous! Here’s hoping that it will inspire other local businesses to contribute. God bless.

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