Movember Wrap-Up

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last month you will have noticed an above average amount of gentlemen sporting moustaches. Certainly, that’s what we’ve noticed in our offices. November is the month of the moustache and raising money for men’s health. Our chaps and chapesses wholeheartedly embraced Movember this year. Whilst none of us are sad to see the hairy, itchy, little facial add-ons gone, we will miss the great banter they gave rise to. Here are a few of our favourite observations from Movember:

  1. Not everyone with a ‘tache is actually doing Movember – sometimes it turns out that the guy over there just really likes a good moustache and has never even heard of Movember, let alone grown it specially. Awkward moments ahoy as you proclaim charitable solidarity.
  2. People shave more often when they have to grow a ‘tache – hats off to Michael who shaved off his very cool beard on 1st November in order to grow a decidedly uncool moustache.
  3. Girls rock a ‘tache – kudos to all of our ladies who were prepared to have photos of them with a moustache posted on Facebook.
  4. We shall never again take the top lip for granted – people everywhere will rejoice on 1st December when the ‘tache comes off. Small children can look their fathers in the eye again without bursting into tears (sorry Scotty!). Ladies will once again kiss their loved ones without risk of stubble burn. And gentlemen will regain a small patch of skin.

To everyone who donated, thank you. To all of our guys who put the effort in and put up with strange looks, thank you. MOV8 Real Estate raised the grand total of £875. This money will make a great contribution to funding research into cancer-battling treatments for prostate and testicular cancer and to offer support to those who have suffered mental health issues as a result of their illnesses.

Thanks also to our awesome clients who got involved and allowed up to ‘tache-up their properties!

It’s not too late if you would like to donate but haven’t yet got round to it! Go to or to our Facebook page where you can also have a good giggle at what we got up to this month.






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