Make Your Property Stand Out from the Crowd

At MOV8 we’ve enjoyed a record start to the year, helping more buyers and sellers than ever before to get on the move. Our expert team are in people’s homes every day to carry out valuations and viewings and see a wide variety of properties.

MOV8 Sales Manager, Scott Grieve, gives us his top tips for adding appeal to your property before getting it on the market.

Make a Great First Impression

The old maxim really is true: ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!‘ Adding appeal for buyers often means enhancing what is already there. The tips below will make your property stand-out from the crowd, create a bit of competition between buyers and help you to get a great result when you are selling.


A good old-fashioned declutter can go a long way. When you have finished decluttering…declutter again! This helps to create an impression of light and space in a property. Space and light sell properties, make for great photos and allow the buyer to imagine their own furniture in place. Along with great photos, floor plans and clear copy, they help to maximise the impact of your property marketing materials.

A Little Decorative Work

We’re often asked about redecorating. In most cases, there is no need to redecorate the whole property just to place it on the market. A new purchaser is likely to place their own footprint on the property, so it’s not necessary to go overboard before selling. However, if a buyer can see themselves living with the decor, as it is, for a while without having to redecorate, it will make the property more appealing.

Spring Clean

Make sure kitchens and bathrooms gleam! It is often a good idea to re-seal wet areas and re-grout areas where common-use staining occurs. Clean, ready-to-use kitchen and bathroom areas enhance the feeling that a buyer can just move in. Try to add a dash of colour to rooms, especially if you have already moved-out or if the property has been rented-out. Towels, fresh flowers, and bright bedspreads help here.

Replace old, damaged or stained carpets.

A new carpet can give a buyer the same feeling as sitting in a brand new car. If your carpets just need a freshen-up, consider hiring a local carpet cleaner for a few hours or borrow a machine to do it yourself.

Don’t Forget the Outside!

Whether it is the middle of winter or the height of summer (if such a thing exists in Scotland!) a great exterior shot of the building or garden really does add appeal. If the garden is looking a little bare, some colourful potted plants or shrubs along with a good mow of the lawn go a long way to making your property really stand-out.

The selling journey most often starts with a professional pre-sale appraisal and valuation. Our valuers will help you with suggestions for maximising the appeal of your property to buyers. To arrange yours today, just call 0345 646 0208 or email [email protected] and we will arrange an appointment at your convenience.


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