Meet The Photographer

In our Meet The Staff series we talk to members of the MOV8 team about their roles within the company.

Today we’re talking to photographer Sean Phillips about what it’s like to be a photographer for Edinburgh’s biggest property firm!

MOV8: How long have you been taking photographs professionally?

SP: It’s been about five or six years now, although for a lot of that time I  was working for a major bank during the day as a data analyst. Photography was, and still is, the way I love to do, so I was lucky when photography jobs started to be offered to me via word of mouth. I’ve photographed weddings, sold landscape prints and completed commercial property work for architects and structural engineers.

MOV8: Why did you want to make the transition into property photography?

SP: Moving into property photography was a fairly natural move, given that I generally prefer to take photos of things that don’t move! Of course, man-made spaces appeal to my technical skills and nature, but there is a real human side to this role; you meet lots of different people, some needing coaching with presentation but all of them with a story to tell.

MOV8: Tell us a little bit about a typical day for you

SP: When you describe your job to friends, ‘I drive around taking pictures of people’s houses’, it all sounds like a relaxing breeze, however the reality is a little different! Thanks to MOV8’s incredible popularity my typical day can feel more like that of a Hollywood movie hit-man, with constant calendar updates coming through on my phone and timely dashes in the car from appointment to appointment. Once I’ve taken the photos I select the best ones, make a few tweaks here and there and then get them, along with descriptions and dimensions of the property over to the production team who compile the whole lot into a schedule.

MOV8: What’s the best advice you can give to anyone who is getting their property photographed?

SP: Selling your house is a stressful time and we try to make things as easy as possible. However, for my part there is no way around it – you are going to have to clean your house! Try not to worry too much about the stuff you might normally associate with cleaning, such as dusting, mopping, cleaning the windows, these are unlikely to be picked up by the camera. It’s the random clutter you need to make disappear; shoes, coats, bathrobes, wires, cleaning products, foodstuffs, dirty dishes in the sink and so on. Thankfully the vast majority of clients have a good idea of the standard required, particularly in a crowded and competitive market. We also send out an email with preparation advice in advance of my visit which really helps.

MOV8: How do you think great photos help a property to sell?

SP: Let’s face it, everybody likes window shopping! Looking for a house is not all that different to shopping for anything else and as you can imagine, there’s a lot to choose from! MOV8’s superior marketing package has many elements, working in combination to attract the right buyer. With the photographs we are providing a ‘window’ into your home, showing it at its best. Good photographs will entice potential buyers to pick up the phone to us to arrange to see the property in person.

MOV8: And finally, what’s your favorite part about coming to work at MOV8?

SP: In short, variety. Think all property is the same? Wrong, even the ones that look the same on the outside will have their own unique character and quirks inside. It’s a privilege to be invited into people’s homes to hear their stories and see how they live. It’s also rewarding knowing your work is helping people in a tangible way and a boost to know the friendly and vibrant team behind me all think the same way.

Thanks for your time and your beautiful photos Sean!


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