Meet The In-house Valuer

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at MOV8? In our Meet The Staff series we interview some of the MOV8 team to give you an insight into what it’s like to work with us and what they get up to each day.

Today we talk to Zoe Carmichael who is based in our in-house valuation team.

MOV8: It’s great to talk to you Zoe, thanks for giving up some of your time! First of all, how long have you been with the valuations team?

ZC: That’s no problem! I joined the in-house valuation team four months ago.

MOV8: Where were you before you joined the team?

ZC: Before I joined MOV8 I was a sales advisor at Fraser Hart Jewellers. It was there that I learned about sales and customer service. I then joined the customer service team at MOV8, learning the ropes before moving into the in-house valuation team.

MOV8: Tell us a little bit about what you do each day.

ZC: A large part of my day is spent talking clients through the process of getting their property onto the market. Once I’ve explained a little about our product and service I’ll book them in for a valuation. After our valuer has met the potential seller at their property and they choose to go ahead, I answer any questions they might have and arrange a time for one of our photographers to go to the client’s property.

MOV8: What’s your favorite part of the job?

ZC: Recently I’ve been learning how to do desktop valuations and I’m really enjoying it! It means I’m always up to date on the latest market conditions and allows me to play detective, finding out how much a property could be worth without ever stepping in it!

MOV8: You’ve recently bought a house yourself. How has your experience helped you to help clients?

ZC: It has helped me to understand the mindset many of our clients are in when they are buying or selling a property. It’s a hugely emotional time for some people, so it’s no wonder that sometimes feelings can get the better of people! I know how daunting moving home can seem at first and can talk about my own personal experiences with them and let them know that I’ve been there too!

MOV8: What’s your number one piece of advice for anyone wanting to sell their home?

ZC: Open viewings on Sundays can help maximise the number of potential buyers. They work well because viewers don’t feel as much pressure as they might do at a set viewing appointment and are more likely to take their time looking around and getting a feel for your property. Remember your job is to open the door to them and make them feel welcome. Once they’re in, leave them to their own devices. They’ll ask you if they have any questions.

MOV8: And finally, what’s your favorite part of coming to work for MOV8 everyday?

ZC: Working alongside my colleagues. I’m lucky to have made some good friends through work. They’re a great bunch and there’s a fantastic atmosphere in the office. There’s quite a lot of cake! I also really enjoy all the social events the company arranges to encourage us to mix with our colleagues.

Thanks Zoe, keep up the good work!


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