Meet The Property Sales Assistant

Emma Stark is a property sales assistant based in our Newington office. She very kindly took a few moments to answer our questions about what she does at MOV8 and why she loves it.

Here’s what she has to say.

MOV8: Hi Emma, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. First off, what does your job entail?

ES: I’m the first point of contact for customers and clients when they get in touch with MOV8. I arrange viewings, put properties live on the market, answer general questions or pass enquiries through to other departments that can assist them further. I also spend some of my time out of the office doing viewings of properties with potential buyers. While doing this I am responsible for showing viewers around the property and answering any questions that they have, for example, about council tax bands or factoring fees.

MOV8: Out of all the jobs you do in a week, which is your favourite?

ES: My favourite is definitely doing viewings and being able to chat to potential buyers. I love it because I get to know the viewers on a more personal level and find out their reason for moving and what they are looking for. There’s no better feeling than being with someone when they find their perfect property.

MOV8: You must speak to hundreds of sellers every week. What’s the most common question you get asked?

ES: Because I deal with a lot of viewing enquiries on a daily basis, our sellers are always keen to find out viewer’s thoughts on their property and as much information about the viewer as possible. It helps the seller because they understand the position of each viewer. Finding out as much as we can isn’t only helpful to our sellers, it also benefits potential buyers because we offer a range of services they might need, like free valuations, mortgage advice and assistance with purchasing.

MOV8: What’s the best tip you could give property sellers?

ES: I would say don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions! Many of the people I deal with feel like they are asking silly questions and wasting my time but that’s not true. My tip to sellers would be to ask any question you may have, even if you think it’s silly or self-explanatory. You’ll have a far better idea of everything that’s involved in selling a property and find the process far less stressful.

MOV8: Do you have any great advice for buyers?

ES: Being organised is key when looking to buy a property. Make sure to book your viewings for a time that allows you to walk round the property without rushing. Prepare any questions you would like answered before you go and be sure to ask them while viewing. Doing these things will help you to know if the property is the right one for you or not.

MOV8: And finally Emma, why do you enjoy working at MOV8 so much?

ES: I love the people that I work with and the atmosphere around me. Everyone is always happy to help each other out and get things done. We all work hard and I feel like the work I do is genuinely appreciated by our clients and my colleagues which is lovely! The day goes by quickly because I’m busy from the minute I arrive until it’s time to go home. No two days are the same but every day is enjoyable!


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