The 9 Most Commonly Asked Questions About MOV8’s Fixed Estate Agency Fee

The 9 Most Commonly Asked Questions About MOV8’s Fixed Estate Agency Fee

MOV8’s Fixed Estate Agency Fee structure is extremely popular with property sellers. But it’s still unusual for an estate agent to charge a fixed estate agency fee. So people often have questions about what it is and why they are able to save so much money by selling with MOV8.

We have answered the nine most commonly-asked questions about our Fixed Fee here.

Do I pay my estate agency fee up-front or when I have sold?

You pay your estate agency fee once you have sold your property. We do not charge your estate agency fee up-front.

Why do you charge a Fixed Estate Agency Fee when others charge a percentage fee?

We looked at the traditional way that people paid-for estate agency services back in 2009 and thought that there was a fairer way of doing things.

We do offer a ‘menu’ of services so that people can enhance their core estate agency package and get the service that they want. However, our core estate agency fee is the same for everyone.

Having one, Fixed Estate Agency Fee reflects the fact that we believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equally, whether they are selling an £80,000 property or an £800,000 property.

Does the value of my property affect what fee I will be charged?

No! Our Fixed Fee is genuinely fixed, so the value of your property does not affect the fee that you are charged.

Is a Fixed Estate Agency Fee too good to be true?

No, it’s honestly not too good to be true! MOV8 has been operating on the basis of a genuinely Fixed Estate Agency Fee for several years now.

We believe in treating property sellers fairly. Certain elements of selling an £800,000 house are different from those involved in selling a £100,000 flat. For example, it takes longer to photograph a larger property. However, the core estate agency service remains the same. That is why we are able to charge our property sellers the same core estate agency fee.

Are you an ‘online estate agent’?

No! We are a modern and forward-thinking solicitor estate agency business.

That means that we have a very visible presence on the internet. We look different from a traditional, high street estate agent or solicitor firm and are often mistaken for being an ‘online estate agent’.

However, we have physical premises, customer service advisers and expert Negotiators available to our clients at all times, we have a team of professional property photographers, we can conduct viewings for our clients and you can pop-in on us at your local branch!

We also have solicitors on-hand, in our offices, to give our clients advice and make sure that they accept the best offer for them.

We believe in trying to do things differently and to deliver the very best value and results to our clients. But we are certainly are not an online estate agent!

Are there any hidden charges?

No. We believe in being completely open with our clients about what they will pay to sell their home.

All of our potential clients are provided with a full breakdown of everything that they will have to pay to get their house sold. This includes the cost of any additional advertising and marketing, the cost of the Home Report, any Solicitors Property Centre advertising and an illustration of conveyancing (legal) fees.  

By being up-front about these charges, there are no nasty surprises and our clients are more likely to be delighted with the service that they receive from us.  

Where do you advertise my property for sale?

We advertise our clients’ properties on the major UK property websites: Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation. We also advertise in

If your property falls within Edinburgh and the Lothians and some parts of Fife, we also advertise your property in the ESPC.  

Is it true that I only get what I pay for?

We do not believe that this is always true!

We are not aiming to be the very cheapest option in the marketplace. However, we do everything, every day, to make sure that we represent the very best value-for-money way to sell a property in Scotland. And we believe that our results back this up.

In 2014 and 2015, MOV8 Real Estate sold more properties in Edinburgh and the Lothians than any other solicitor estate agent company, achieving excellent prices and results.

Our independent reviews on Google, TrustPilot and Facebook are consistently positive and we rely heavily on Word of Mouth as a way of growing our business.

Can you do my conveyancing for me too?

We certainly can!

We are a law firm, regulated by the Law Society of Scotland and therefore held to the highest professional standards.

Our excellent in-house conveyancing team is available to service the needs of our property sellers and buyers. Our in-house conveyancing team strives to deliver the level of service that our clients have come to expect over the years from MOV8 Real Estate’s estate agency team.

To arrange your free property valuation or selling quote today, or for more information, just call 0345 646 0208 or email [email protected] and we will organise an appointment at your convenience.


2 responses to “The 9 Most Commonly Asked Questions About MOV8’s Fixed Estate Agency Fee”

  1. Josephine Walton avatar

    What happens if my house doesn’t sell do I still need to pay the fee

    1. Robert Carroll avatar

      Good question Josephine! It depends on the estate agent and the contract or deal that you have with them. In most instances, where your estate agency fee is payable on completion of the sale (rather than upfront), it will be dependent on a successful offer having been accepted or the agent introducing a buyer to the property (even if you subsequently withdraw the property from the market with that agent and sell to the buyer who they introduced in the first place). If you subsequently withdraw from that deal or decide not to sell your property, you will usually have to pay the fee.

      Where the estate agency fee is payable upfront, this is usually non-refundable (but usually considerably cheaper than paying on completion).

      Some agents (many national, fixed fee brands who advertise on TV) will charge a fixed, upfront estate agency fee but give the option to defer or ‘pay nothing upfront’. This is usually done via a finance product and, even if the property doesn’t sell, will remain payable when you withdraw your property from the market or when a certain period of time (usually 6 or 10 months) has passed.

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