Cash for Kids Superhero Day 2016

Superhero Day!

Superheroes galore descended on the branches of MOV8 on 13 May 2016 for Superhero Day. The event, in aid of the Cash for Kids charity, led to superheroes across the country raising money for this excellent cause. Cash for Kids is a UK-wide charity designed to help children of all ages who suffer from disability, neglect or abuse. The charity raises funds which it then gives to local charities in the form of grants to spend on specialist equipment and premises, clothes, books and toys to help these young people.

The MOV8 League of Superheroes

Our Head Office in Leith was manned for the day by a team consisting of Storm and Rogue, taking a break for the day from X-Men activities, ably assisted by the Powerpuff Girls and Clark Kent, all overseen by the much loved 1980’s childhood hero, Super Ted. Clients of our Corstophine branch were greeted throughout the day by a plethora of heroes from Supergirl to Super Mario, under the watchful gaze of Spiderman, while Catwoman turned her paw from stealing jewels to handling Conveyancing transactions.

Our branch in Newington took things one step further with not one, but two, Batgirls alongside the formidable team of The Incredibles, Green Arrow, another Clark Kent and also Supergirl, sporting her summer, pink-themed wardrobe.

Last, but by no means least, our Leith Walk branch was captured for the day by the formidable duo of Darth Vader and Poison Ivy. We can’t be sure if they have given up their evil ways for good, but the Millennium Falcon and Batman were both safe for a day at least, with both villains spending the day helping MOV8’s clients with their property needs.

Cakes were baked and sold across our branches to raise further money for the charity and this ‘mild mannered reporter’ can safely say that if crime ceases to be a problem we may well see one or two Superheroes on the next season of Great British Bake Off.

The efforts of the MOV8 team were featured on Radio Forth and across social media, but rest assured no secret identities were compromised.

All for a Great Cause

As well as having a great day full of laughter across all our branches, the MOV8 team managed to raise £85.49 for this great charity.

As part of MOV8’s commitment to support good causes, both locally and nationally, by allocating 10% of its profits for charitable donations and good causes, MOV8 will be matching the money raised by the efforts of the team to make a total donation of £170.98.

Cash for Kids is a hugely worthwhile cause, improving the lives of children in the local community on a daily basis, and it was an honour to be able to contribute to the great work that it does.

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