MOV8 Sponsors Sick Kids Friends Foundation

You’ll be hard pushed to find anyone in and around Edinburgh who hasn’t had some kind of experience of the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. Even if you don’t have children yourself, the chances are that you’ll know someone who does and who has paid the institution a visit at some point.

As well as providing exceptional paediatric care to patients, Sick Kids is a friendly, welcoming environment designed to help put children and their families at ease during difficult times.

We were delighted when local fundraiser Gilly Herbert approached MOV8 Real Estate and asked us to help her raise much-needed funds for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. We believe Sick Kids to be a very worthy cause and were more than happy to help in any way possible.

Gilly, a local mother of four, has created a line of water bottles for children, to be sold at family play cafe Jenn’s DEN in Davidson Mains. The 330 ml, non-leak, BPA-free water bottles are suitable for lunch boxes, school and sports bags will be sold for £2.50 each.

MOV8 Real Estate has been proud to fully sponsor the production cost of these bottles, ensuring that every penny raised from their sale goes to the Sick Kids Friends Foundation which, in turn, will channel money into projects within the hospital. This includes the very best medical equipment, research, family services and comforts for children and their families.

Some of you may recognise Gilly’s name from our previous blogs. Gilly is the force behind Project Play, a project that raised money to build a primary school and community playground in the Corstorphine area of Edinburgh and which MOV8 has sponsored and helped to fund. The veteran fundraiser said, “I am so excited that Jenn’s DEN and MOV8 are helping to raise money for Sick Kids Friends Foundation through the sale of the water bottles. I am passionate about fundraising for such a worthwhile cause and being able to say thank you for the amazing work that they do.”

Gilly went on to explain why she fundraises for great causes like Sick Kids tirelessly: “Two of my daughters have Coeliac disease and over the years have also had small operations such as tonsillectomy and grommets. It was through meeting a few doctors, Dr Mehendale and Dr Gillett, that I was inspired to fundraise and help raise money for the Sick Kids. These doctors, like so many of the staff at the Sick Kids, provide exceptional care to their young patients as well as helping them to get well again.

“Over the past 5 years, I have raised just over £25,000 for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. I am so happy I can help make a difference,”.

What a huge achievement!  We all find Gilly to be an inspiration and are proud to work alongside her to raise money for such a valued and worthwhile cause.


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