Selling a Property in Summer: MOV8’s Top Five Tips

As the mercury creeps upwards, summer can be a great time of year to get the best price for your property sale. Summer is a fantastic time to market a property or to give an existing listing some summer lovin’ to attract new interest. As temperatures begin to soar (hopefully!) so could your viewing figures if you follow our Summer Selling suggestions.

1. Spruce Up

As the days get longer and the sun puts its hat on, our thoughts tend to wander towards balmy summer evenings and barbecues in the garden. During the summer, interest in properties with outdoor space naturally increases as everyone wants their own bit of outdoor paradise. Whether your property can offer acres of lawn or a small balcony, outdoor space is in demand! Now is the time to show it off and get potential buyers excited.

Gardens should be treated to some love. Get the mower out, trim back any overgrown hedges and trees and plant some brightly coloured flowers. You don’t need to spend a fortune to drastically improve the look of any outdoor space. These can be bought cheaply from garden centres and larger supermarkets. Pots, planters and containers can also add a very welcome splash of colour at little cost.

Even if you don’t have a lawn you can improvise! Fresh flower pots, hanging baskets or shrubs can be a nice touch when placed around any balconies, entrances, or window sills. It’s all in the finer details.

2. Scrub the Deck

If you have decking or a patio give it a good scrub down with a metal bristle brush and a solution of washing-up liquid in water. It’s a simple solution (quite literally) to really impress potential buyers as they take a closer look at what’s on offer. The same can be applied for terraces and balconies to remove any stubborn marks. A little bit of elbow grease can go a long way!

3. A Breath of Fresh Air

After months of grey, wet weather it’s a great idea to get the windows open. Allowing fresh air into your home will help blow away any cobwebs and remove any musty odours. You might also want to give your windows a really good clean to maximise the natural light your property benefits from, especially considering how much brighter it will be. Get the curtains down and dry-cleaned: fresh, clean curtains are the perfect way to frame your sparkling windows!

4. Tidy it Away

Summer is a wonderful time for children and pets. Good weather is a great opportunity for playing outside, riding bikes and digging in the garden, but with it comes mess. Before viewers come round, make sure you’ve picked up any toys that have been left in the garden, cleaned up any mud or grass stains and removed football boots from the hallway. Lots of people with children desperately want a small outdoor space for them to play in so they won’t mind some kiddie paraphernalia, but you’ll want to appeal to buyers without children too: people imagining long, lazy lunches in the sun. Consider zoning your space: a children’s space with their toys and an adult space with some attractive garden furniture.

Also consider your driveway: the only thing that should be visible is your car. Put any overflowing bins out of sight in a garage or shed.

5. Don’t Hesitate

It may be a busier time of the year, but that also means people are looking to get the whole moving process done as quick as possible. Buyers in summer are likely to want to get their purchase tied-up before September when school term-time begins. Embracing this demand could put you in a much better position than if you wait till autumn. Make the most of the sunshine when it arrives, but get the ball rolling with your property sale to take advantage of what can be a very busy time for the property market.

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