Eight Tips For Property Selling in Autumn

Autumn can be a fantastic time to sell your home. The schools are back, evenings are long and some late summer sunshine can really help your home look its best. To get the best result for your Autumn sale, follow these top tips.

1. Light Up Your Home

Daytime viewings are ideal for making your home look bright and airy, so make sure to open up all curtains and blinds. If you’re showing your property in the evening, make sure to have your lights on to make your home feel as bright as possible and consider temporarily replacing energy saving bulbs that take a few minutes to reach full brightness.

2. Let Air In

Take advantage of the good weather to open up the windows and doors and allow air to circulate around your home, ensuring that potential buyers see it at its freshest.

3. Make Small Changes

You don’t want to lose money because buyers overestimate the cost of small jobs. Mouldy bath seals, cracked tiles and flaking paint can make some buyers believe that there are larger maintenance issues at play. A weekend trip to a DIY store and a bit of elbow grease can reap dividends!

4. Tidy The Garden

If you have a garden, impress your viewers by sprucing-it up and creating the impression of high amenity and low maintenance. Use a rake to tidy-up any leaves or loose debris on the lawn and shear any overgrown vegetation or bushes to get buyers focusing on autumn lunches in the sun rather than the cost of a landscape gardener! If you have a flat with any outside space, like a terrace or balcony, make sure that it’s presented at its best to focus buyers’ minds on its potential.

5. Declutter

A tidy house is more attractive house for buyers and it looks larger. Consider using drawers, cabinets or cupboards as a temporary home for items that tend to lie out and think about packing away some of your belongings into storage boxes that can be kept elsewhere. If you have children, decluttering is of course considerably more difficult! However, toy chests can swallow-up a lot of the bits and bobs that tend to live on the floor and popping-out with the kids whilst a friend or partner handles the viewing can reap dividends in terms of how easily you can present a tidy home to potential buyers.  

6. Accessorize Your Home

Adding throws, cushions and rugs to your home can make all the difference. Accessories like this can add colour and a sense of homeliness for potential buyers, whilst being temporary-enough that anyone who doesn’t love them won’t fear a redecoration bill.

7. Carpet Cleansing

Help increase your chances of a successful sale by giving your carpets a deep clean. Those stains that you tune-out over the years can stand-out to buyers who are thinking about the cost of replacing the carpets. A professional cleaner might only cost a couple of hundreds of pounds but it could prevent a buyer from shaving-off a few thousands of pounds from their offer. Alternatively grab a decent quality cleaning product from your nearest supermarket.

8. Create a Warm Welcome

Finally, as autumn gives way to winter, ensure that your home is warm and welcoming for viewings. Get the radiators on, consider adding scented candles and get the lights and lamps on to make your potential buyers feel at home.

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For more tips about preparing for a property valuation, take a look at our YouTube video Getting the Best Possible Property Valuation.


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