10 Questions to Answer Before You Move Home

If you’ve just bought a new home, there is so much to think about: arranging a removal van, clearing furniture from your existing home, switching utility providers, organising your home insurance and so on. Indeed, there is so much to consider that we have written a handy checklist to keep you on track! However, as well as these considerations there are some other things that you can do, in advance of your move-in date, that will make life a whole lot easier during what can be a stressful period.

1. Where is the Stopcock and Fuse Cupboard Located?

It’s essential to know where the water shut-off point is, should an emergency arise. The same goes for the fuse cupboard. It’s worth telling family members this, just in case they need to use it when you aren’t around.

2. When Will the Bins Be Collected?

When you move into a new home, you will undoubtedly experience a short term spike in the amount of rubbish that you generate. Finding out which days different bins will be picked up by the local authority will mean that you don’t have to live for a couple of extra weeks in a house full of bin bags!

3. Have the Previous Owners Got Any Spare Tins of Paint?

Eventually, you’ll need to repaint walls in your new home or patch-up scuffs to existing paintwork. But what shade of Dulux apple green is the current dining room? If you are able to find out what paint and which colour was used by the previous owners in the various rooms of the house, this will help immensely. The previous owner may even have some relatively fresh paint leftover from the last time they decorated which you could use initially, so ask them if they can leave this behind rather than throwing it out before they move out.

4. Who Provides the Property’s Utilities?

Make sure you don’t pay the previous owner’s energy bills by taking a meter reading on the first day that you move in and informing the existing utility providers. Knowing the supplier details in advance can also mean that you can provide them with your details before you move in.

5. Where Can the Gas and Electricity Meters Be Found?

Knowing where the gas and electricity meters are located means that you can access these points quickly and easily when you need to. These meters can be hidden in unusual and sometimes harder to reach areas of a home, so it’s certainly worth knowing where they are in advance of moving into your new property.

6. Will Existing Items be Left Behind?

The conveyancing process will help to specify what items will be left behind, if any, by the current owners of the property. It pays to clarify exactly what you are expecting to inherit so that you can plan ahead and buy some useful, additional items (even if it’s only temporary, camping chairs and a temporary rack for hanging clothes) prior to the day you move in.

7. Where are Your New, Local Amenities?

Having an idea of where your nearest supermarket, dentist, doctor’s surgery and hospital are, in advance of moving home, can save a lot of wasted time, not to mention stress, when you move in. Get in touch with your local doctor and dentist and try to make an appointment to register with them in advance of moving home.  

8. Is Your Home Insurance Policy in Order?

You need to make sure your new property is covered as soon as you take ownership, so spend a bit of time in advance shopping around for the best deal for you.

9. Instruction Manuals Be Left behind for Any Electrical Goods?

You should know what electrical goods are going to be staying in the property as this is agreed during the legal process of purchasing your new home. You can find most instruction manuals by doing an internet search and having these manuals handy will save you wasting a lot of energy cursing your oven when you are finally ready to cook dinner on the move-in day!

10. Have You Made Family, Friends and Services Aware of Your Change of Address?

Make sure to tell close family and friends your new address in advance of moving. It’s well worth redirecting your post by filling in this form on the Royal Mail website. For a comprehensive list of people you need to inform of your change of address, just click here.

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