Turn Your Home into a Showhome this Winter

With new build home developers spending thousands on staging their showhomes to entice buyers into living the dream in their developments, there’s a lot we can learn from their approach. So, with the festive period fast approaching, how can you apply their approach to your own property sale, particularly when there’s a pile of presents under the tree and Christmas cards on the mantelpiece? Here are our top tips for staging your home for sale around the festive period!

1 De-clutter

A tidy house is more attractive buyers, with less distractions to draw their eye away from the main event – your home. So make use of drawers, cupboards, lofts and sheds to find a temporary home for some of your personal effects and memorabilia. This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of the tree – quite the opposite! Instead, embrace the festive period look and let potential buyers imagine spending their next Christmas in your home. Just beware that the festive period brings with it more clutter than normal, so go to town on clearing some of the non-festive items from your home.

2 Create Space

With most people’s homes setup for day-to-day living, it’s important to be aware that the most practical layout is not always the one that makes rooms look most spacious. So move or remove furniture to ensure that your viewers can see every nook and crannie. This year might not be the best year to get the enormous Christmas tree that you’ve been dreaming of either! Instead, choose something that gives the impression that the room is large enough to accommodate it yet that’s small enough not to dominate the room. If you have a large family, or you have pets, consider calling-in a favour from a friend or relative and clearing the house for viewings to create the best impression of available space.

3 De-Personalize

New build developers tend to furnish showhomes with pictures and ornaments that have the widest possible appeal or, for higher end properties, that are aspirational. You want potential buyers to imagine themselves being at home in what is currently your own home, so try to balance the number of very personal mementos with other items that might make them feel more at home. An example might be temporarily to clear some of the children’s drawings from the fridge door or to replace the triptych of baby photos above the bed with a more generic landscape of the area around your home.

4 Decorate

New build show homes tend to be decorated in quite neutral tones or, if the property is aimed at trendy urbanites, a more modern and fashionable colour scheme. If your feature wall draws mixed reviews from visitors, now might be the time to redecorate that room in a slightly less contemporary way! Let the features of the house or the shape of a room do the talking and make sure that all decor looks crisp, clean and modern. Christmas decorations are expected at this time of year and your potential buyer will almost certainly have some festive decorations in their own home, so don’t shy-away from festive decorations but remember that not all potential buyers celebrate Christmas and try to maintain a broad appeal.

5 Keep it Fresh

We tend to open our windows less during the winter months which can make homes a little fusty over the festive period. So remember to open windows and doors to let air circulate through your home. Scented candles, fresh flowers or festive cookies in the oven can also add to the fresh feeling or add an inviting aroma to your home.

6 Accessorise

Alongside the scented candles and fresh flowers, you can create that showhome look by adding a few statement pieces. Invest in, or turn on your lamps as great lighting can be used to draw the eye to attractive features of your property. If your cooker or kitchen is something you are proud of then consider placing a cookbook beside it to add to the appeal. If you have great dining room space, set the dining table to draw attention to the potential for entertaining or family meals. Finally, ensure that bed spreads are fresh and crisp and use cushions, throws and rugs to spruce up overlooked chairs or sofa beds in spare rooms.  

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