Selling a Property in Scotland in Winter

Spring and Autumn are traditionally seen as the best time to sell a property. However, with many property sellers holding-off until the Spring, Winter is a great time to sell, with less properties competing for buyers’ attention and buyer demand remaining high. So why not buck the trend and follow our top tips to get the best selling price in Winter!

  1. Make it inviting

    The old joke goes that Scotland only has two seasons and neither of them is Summer. So create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to remind potential buyers that this will be a cozy home for them in the long, Winter months. Get the heating on in advance of viewers arriving and, if you have gas or wood fires, make sure they are lit. Offer tea, coffee, or even a nice hot chocolate to your buyers to make them feel at home.

  2. Spruce up the garden

    Make the most of the outdoor space you have. With winter weather on the way, get the garden in good shape by deadheading old flowers and trimming the lawn. You could also consider investing in evergreen or winter flowers to give your garden some colour.

  3. Light up your home

    With Winter bringing longer nights, make sure that you have plenty of lights switched on: remember that your eyes acclimate to low light after a while but that your potential buyer may have just come in from a well-illuminated street or car. Energy saving bulbs are a great way to save money and the environment, but remember that they can take a while to fully light up and ensure that lights are turned-on well in advance of viewers arriving.

  4. Get it looking spick and span

    A bit of elbow grease goes a long way at any time of the year but, particularly during the Winter months, remember to give your curtains a good clean as they may not have been closed for a few months!

  5. Don’t overcrowd with decorations

    Getting into the festive spirit can really help to create a cozy and homely atmosphere, but remember that too many Christmas decorations might make your rooms appear smaller than they are. Christmas cards can be hung on string and attached to walls or doors and, if you want to put presents under the tree, remember to keep them as tidy as possible.

  6. Keep the carpets looking clean

    During winter, your carpets can take the brunt of muddy shoes. Small details like gleaming carpets will create the impression that the rest of the house is well-maintained and put a buyer’s mind at ease. Make sure that everyone takes off their muddy shoes and tackle any dirt by either hiring a professional cleaner or renting a carpet cleaner from a local DIY retailer.

  7. Don’t follow the crowd

    Get your property onto the market as soon as possible to boost your chances of a successful sale. Remember that disappointed buyers who haven’t found their dream home by September don’t put their feet up and wait until the New Year to start looking again! This means that a disproportionate number of properties sell in the Winter months and competition amongst buyers can be fierce. Follow the tips above and get yourself a great price for your sale during the Winter months.   

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