Make the Most of Your Garden to Maximise Your Property Value

Summer is a fantastic time to market a property and making the most of outdoor space can certainly help boost a property’s value. Interest in properties with outdoor space increases in summer as we look forward to balmy evenings and barbecues in the garden. Whether your property offers a substantial sized garden or a small patio, outdoor space is in demand!

Spruce Up Your Garden

If you are looking to sell, there’s no need to spend a fortune on transforming your garden and sometimes properties with simpler gardens sell better as they are easier to maintain. Some sprucing up can work wonders so get the mower out, trim overgrown hedges and trees, get rid of weeds and plant some brightly coloured flowers. If you don’t have much garden space, consider placing some fresh flower pots, hanging baskets or shrubs around balconies, entrances or window sills – this can add a welcome splash of colour at little cost.

If you have decking or a patio give it a good scrub down and give your windows a good clean … a little bit of elbow grease can go a long way! Good weather is a great opportunity for outdoor activities but with it there is the potential for mess. Ensure the garden is tidy, so remove toys and clutter and put any bins out of sight in a garage or shed. Use a pot filled with flowers or a piece of garden furniture to cover any patches on the lawn or other unsightly areas. Paint old plant pots to give them a new lease of life! Small changes can have more of an impact than major transformations.

Cost-Effective Garden Features

If you want to add to your existing garden features, most people will tell you that a shed is a good bet and most likely to boost the value of your property.

James Allan from Edinburgh based Puma Landscaping agrees with this sentiment.

“Whilst it may not be the most exciting way of improving your garden, adding a shed is one of the most effective. Most people could do with more storage, so a shed is always going to be looked on favourably. However make sure you get a good quality shed as it needs to be secure. People will want to know that they can store their garden and power tools safely.”

As well as providing a storage facility, sheds and other outbuildings can be used for many different things, for example a home office, and if well designed they are a desirable feature for potential house buyers.

“A good quality patio or paving can also add value to a property and a driveway is worth considering in urban areas although it is more costly and you may need to apply for planning permission,” says James.  “However, if feasible, you should find that it’s worth the investment.”

Privacy and safety are considerations for house buyers and features such as a wall or sturdy fencing can also enhance the value of a home.

Lighting allows your garden to become a useable space at night and doesn’t have to be expensive. It can show off your house and garden well when the evenings become darker and is generally considered a cost-effective investment. Even a few solar powered lights can add a gentle glow to the garden at dusk.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to sell, think about what potential occupiers might want from the outdoor space. Any changes or additions to your garden prior to selling should be moderate and low maintenance as potential buyers will have their own idea of how they want things to look.

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