Why Marketing is Important When Selling Your Property

How do you gain maximum exposure in the market when selling your property? The key to this is effective marketing which will put your home in front of the greatest number of potential buyers.

Property Brochure/Schedule

A brochure or schedule providing details of the property is essential when selling your home. Photographs will form the main visual interest so it’s crucial that your property looks as appealing as possible. Professional photography is recommended – high quality photographs that make your property look as spacious and as bright as possible are key to attracting a steady stream of viewers. Also, a third party brings a fresh eye to things and sees your property in the same way as a potential buyer would see it.

We would always recommend a floor plan to any potential seller. The visual representation of the layout of your property allows people to picture the layout and gives them an idea of what rooms they might be able to extend or knock-together. Statistically, floor plans have been proven to attract more interest and to increase sales.

Online Advertising

Advertising your property on national and local property websites ensures maximum exposure and reaches a wide audience. The digital age has transformed the way houses are marketed and how buyers find properties. Your estate agent will be able to recommend which online portals should be used.

‘For Sale’ Board

A ‘For Sale’ board is one of the key ways of letting people know that your property is for sale. Some buyers go to areas where they would like to live and look at what properties are for sale, so the value of a ‘For Sale’ board should not be underestimated.

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