Should You Sell Your Property in Winter

Many people ask us “when is the best time to sell my home”?

Whilst there are differing market factors throughout the year, ultimately, the main thing is whether it is the right time for you and your personal circumstances. That’s why we like to make it clear, if it’s the right time for you, winter can still be a great time to sell your home.

And winter can actually present some great benefits that aren’t present are different times of the year.

Benefits of selling your home in winter

Competition from home buyers

Traditionally there is a lower volume of properties that are advertised for sale during Winter. This means for people who are looking to buy a home, the properties that are available for sale, are in pretty fierce demand. Especially with many people looking to secure a sale before Christmas!

Whilst this can be difficult for buyers, if you are selling your home, this can mean that you can benefit. You will have less competition from other properties, making your home more in demand. The more in demand a property is, the more likely it is to sell quickly and at a good price.

Estate agency special offers

Another benefit of selling your home during winter is that you currently have the chance to win back the cost of Christmas with MOV8! All properties that are listed with MOV8 between 8 Nov 21 and 10 Dec 21 are automatically entered into a prize draw to win £1,000. Plus, we’ve got a special winter offer coming soon as well.

Get in touch today to book your free valuation and sell your home this winter.

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Top tips for selling your home this winter

Remain COVID aware

Whilst there are much more festive things for us to be thinking about, it’s important that you remain COVID aware if selling your home this winter and that you follow all the current guidelines on hosting property viewings. This includes mask wearing, opening doors and cupboards to reduce the amount of surfaces people touch and ventilating your home well. It’s advisable for you to read the Scottish Government guidance on house moves or contact us and we can talk you through it.

Make your home cosy and inviting

Open windows and face masks may not quite portray the most cosy of atmospheres, however there are still ways you can make your home inviting for viewings. A mixture of different lighting types can help a room appear warm, such the use of lamps and candles. But remember it’s important to strike a balance between additional features to make your home look inviting, and also allowing viewers to get an accurate uncluttered impression of the property.

Consider winter weather and daylight

During winter it is more likely there may be days with dull weather and less daylight. This can on occasions make a home that is bright and light, appear darker than it is. If it’s possible for you and the viewers, see if you can schedule a viewing during times of the day which are likely to have more daylight. If this is not possible, consider inviting them back for a second viewing at a different time of day, or spend some time talking through where your property gets the best daylight and at what hours.

It’s also important to make sure any external spaces or gardens have sufficient lighting. If you don’t have already, consider fitting lighting for your garden and garage before conducting viewings.

Remain balanced with Christmas decorations

Some Christmas decorations can make a home look welcoming and warm, however we all have individual tastes on Christmas decorations and the time of year itself. Try and remain balanced with any decorations you do have up for viewings and maybe save the big sets of snazzy lights of after viewers have gone home.

Manage your visitors

Winter can be a great time to get together with friends and family, especially this year with lighter COVID restrictions. However it’s important, not only for COVID reasons, that you manage the amount of people in your home during viewings. Try and save the festive visitors for times were you won’t be conducting viewings. This means your potential home buyers will feel more comfortable to spend the time they need looking around your home.

Keep things tidy

Whilst this may seem like a basic piece of advice for selling your home, it’s something that we advise our clients throughout the year. The more clutter free and tidy your home is, the better prospective will be able to evaluate your home. Plus, a tidy up before Christmas is never a bad thing!

Sell your home this winter

If you are wanting to sell your home this winter, simply get in touch to arrange your free home valuation. MOV8 are 5 star rated and will be working throughout Christmas and New Year to keep our clients moving.


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