Spare Change: How to Maximise Your Spare Room for Added Value

Have you been eyeing up that spare room, wondering what magic you can conjure up to boost your property’s appeal and value? Then it might be time for some DIY. 

Many of us have spaces in our homes that aren’t quite reaching their full potential. Whether it’s that box-room-cum-cupboard, or the guest bedroom that quickly became a dumping ground for the ‘I’ll deal with it later’ since you moved in – plenty of properties have unused and unloved rooms just waiting to be transformed into something the whole family can enjoy. Plus, stats show that potential buyers are particularly drawn to properties with more functional rooms, making now the perfect time to refurbish if you’re keen to move.

So, whether you’re looking to sell in the near future or are just itching to take advantage of that unused square footage, we’ve got a treasure trove of renovation ideas to help you make the most of your space. Let’s dive in.

The Extra Bedroom Boost

Let’s kick things off with a classic renovation that never fails to reel in potential buyers: turning your spare room into an extra bedroom. Whether you’re converting it into a cosy guest room or a luxurious suite, the addition of another sleeping space can significantly up the ante when it comes to selling your home. And who doesn’t love the idea of having a plush retreat for visiting friends and family?

How to: Start by decluttering and depersonalising the space to create a blank canvas. Then, focus on maximising comfort and functionality with a comfy bed, soft linens, and stylish decor. Remember to highlight any unique features, like built-in storage or a charming bay window, to really seal the deal.

A Kid-Friendly Fun Zone

If you’re a parent (or parent-to-be), transforming your spare room into a children’s playroom or nursery can work wonders in attracting young families to your property. Picture this: a joyful sanctuary filled to the brim with toys, books, and endless opportunities for imagination to run wild. Potential buyers will be enchanted by the possibilities for their little ones – not to mention it’s a great way to contain your kids’ stuff and ensure a neater home overall.

How to: Get creative with colourful paint, playful wallpaper, and themed decor to set the stage for adventure. Consider adding storage solutions to keep toys and essentials neatly organised, making it easy for parents to envision their own little ones thriving in the space.

The Ultimate Work-from-Home Haven

With more people embracing remote work than ever before, a home office has become a hot commodity in the real estate market. By converting your spare room into a productive workspace, you’re tapping into a trend that’s here to stay. Think of it as a productivity paradise where you can tackle tasks with ease and impress potential buyers with your forward-thinking approach to home design.

How to: Start by optimising the layout for maximum efficiency, ensuring ample space for a desk, chair, and any necessary equipment. Keep the decor clean and professional, but don’t skimp on comfort – after all, you’ll be spending plenty of time here. Consider adding personal touches, like artwork or photos of loved ones, to inspire creativity and focus.

A Go Getter’s Gym

Who needs a gym membership when you have your very own workout wonderland at home? Remaking your spare room into a home gym is a game-changer for health-conscious buyers looking to prioritise fitness without ever leaving the house. From cardio equipment to free weights, the possibilities are endless – and so are the potential gains when it comes to selling your property (not to mention your muscles).

How to: Start by assessing your fitness goals and selecting equipment that aligns with your needs and interests. Invest in durable flooring to support heavy equipment and reduce noise, then add mirrors to create the illusion of space and enhance your workout experience. Don’t forget to incorporate proper ventilation and lighting to keep things cool and energising.

A Creative Studio Space

Calling all artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts: your spare room is the perfect canvas for unleashing your creativity and showcasing your talents. Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, or tailor, transforming your extra space into a dedicated studio can elevate your home’s appeal and attract buyers who share your passion for the arts.

How to: Start by customising the space to suit your creative pursuits, whether that means installing ample storage for supplies or setting up specialised workstations for different projects. Let your personality shine through with inspiring decor and personal touches that reflect your unique style and artistic vision.

Library Nook: A Book Lover’s Paradise

For the bookworms and bibliophiles among us, turning your spare room into a cosy and quiet library nook is a surefire way to capture the hearts of literary-minded buyers. Whether you’re a collector of rare editions or simply love to curl up with a good book, this inviting space is bound to spark joy and imagination in readers of all ages.

How to: Start by creating custom shelving to display your book collection in style, organising titles by genre, theme or author for easy browsing. Add comfortable seating options, like plush armchairs or window seats, to encourage leisurely reading sessions. And don’t forget to enhance the ambience with soft lighting, warm textiles, candles and personal touches that reflect your literary passions.

A Do-it-All Entertainment Hub

Create your own at-home cinema by converting your spare room into a dedicated entertainment hub. Whether for film nights, gaming sessions or unwinding with your favourite album after a hard day’s graft, building a recreational space is the perfect way to entice potential buyers and help them envisage themselves living in your property.

How to: Start by investing in high-quality equipment that fits your favourite activities (for example, a large-screen TV,  projector, or surround sound speakers) to create an immersive audiovisual experience. Add comfortable seating options, like recliners or bean bags, to accommodate guests of all ages. Lastly, remember to enhance the ambience with dimmable lighting and fun decor elements, like movie and album posters, snack bars and drinks fridges.

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