First impressions count – the importance of kerb appeal

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market this summer? If so, have you given consideration to the exterior of your home? We all know that it’s a great idea to make the interior of the property look as attractive as possible to potential buyers: for example, we’ve all heard of the concept of creating a ‘blank canvas’ so that viewers can imagine how their belongings would look within your home…their potential new home! But how much attention should be paid to the exterior of the property and how important is it to your chances of selling or of getting the very best price?

‘Kerb appeal’ is a much used phrase within the housing market and refers to the first impression that potential viewers will get as they drive or walk-up to the property. Much like when we meet new people, our first impression is formed within a few seconds of sizing-up the property.

Kerb appeal can be particularly important if you live on a road with high footfall: properties with a prominent For Sale Board and an attractive exterior can often prompt viewing enquiries from passers-by.

So what can you do to improve the kerb appeal of your property?

  1. Clean and remove any rubbish. Ensure that the areas in front of your house and the garden are clutter-free. Are your bins hidden or in plain sight? Are the windows gleaming or grubby? If at all possible, move any unsightly objects and clean anything that could do with a scrub.
  2. Remove weeds and trim any plants. Do you have any plants or visible hedges that are in need of a trim? Are there any weeds growing in between slabs that can be removed. Does the grass need some attention?
  3. Add some greenery. If you don’t have any plants or visible garden space, would the front of your house benefit from a window box or planter to create visual appeal?
  4. Think about the type of buyer that you are trying to attract and what will appeal to them. Will your much loved garden gnomes add or detract from the appeal?
  5. A lick of paint. If your front door or window frames are looking tired, could they benefit from a fresh coat of paint? Do you have some rust on your railings?
  6. How easy is it to find your home? Is your house number clearly visible at the front of the house? If you are in a flat, does the buzzer entry system work? It would be a shame to miss potential viewers because they simply can’t find you or get hold of you. And remember that, if your flat’s buzzer has your name but not your house number on it, viewers might not know your name!

A well-maintained and presented exterior can put your potential viewers in a positive frame of mind for what is to come, so while great kerb appeal may not add big bucks to the value of your home, nor be the main factor in people deciding to buy your home, it will certainly help to get them through the door and that can only help you to sell!


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