Robert Carroll to Sell The Big Issue to Raise Awareness and Money for Street Vendor Charity, INSP

We are delighted to announce that MOV8 Real Estate’s Managing Director, Robert Carroll has been invited to take part as a Big Issue Vendor in the streets of Edinburgh on 5 February 2015, to raise awareness and sponsorship for the International Network of Street Papers.

Every year the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) holds a programme of events during the first week in February. Founded in 1994, INSP supports and develops over 110 street paper projects internationally.

The purpose of these events and activities is to celebrate street paper vendors and challenge perceptions of poverty and homelessness. Every year 14,000 homeless and unemployed people worldwide sell street papers as a way out of poverty. See here:

The week of 8 February is known as Vendor Week Big Sell, with the Twitter handle #VendorWeek for sharing and raising awareness socially online.

High profile individuals have been asked to take part in the challenge by taking to the streets to sell The Big Issue for an hour of their time. They will be accompanied by a current Big Issue salesperson and they can raise money in the way of sponsors in order to raise funds for the International Network of Street Papers.

Working in property and selling people’s houses, we are constantly reminded just how lucky some of us are. Buying a property is a substantial milestone in someone’s life, something that not all of us are lucky enough to afford. By taking part in INSP’s #VendorWeek Big Sell, Robert and the staff at MOV8 Real Estate are helping to raise money for the people who need it most: those who don’t even have a roof over their heads. Robert Carroll, MOV8’s Managing Director, said:

“Considering the lucky position I, my staff and our clients are in I think this is the least I can do. I can’t wait to get stuck in, to raise money for this fantastic cause and to be reminded once again just how lucky I am to have somewhere to call home.”

More information can be found here about Vendor Week Big Sell and you can sponsor Robert via his UK Virgin Money Giving Page. Thank you!


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