A Day in the Life … Sheryl Glass, Property Sales Manager

Marathons, Munros, Motivation …

Sheryl Glass, MOV8’s Property Sales Manager, strives to exceed expectations at work and at home. Her motto appears to be “Don’t settle for average!” Her typical day at work certainly isn’t average and motivation is a key factor in everything she does, whether it’s achieving the best possible outcome for clients or supporting members of her team in their mission to provide excellent customer service.

Sheryl and her team of Property Negotiators, Property Sales Assistants, Property Administrators and Viewing Agents are responsible for the process of marketing a property and negotiating the sale of property … essentially everything from the day the property goes “live” on the market until the day the sale is agreed.

Sheryl joined MOV8 in September 2017 with a comprehensive knowledge of the Edinburgh property market, having worked in the industry for a number of years, initially as a property negotiator and progressing to team leader and then manager. She was excited by the prospect of a new challenge and is committed to the growth and development of MOV8’s Property Sales Team.

A key part of her role is focused on motivating her team. As Sheryl says, “We strive to establish a good rapport with clients, ensuring that they have an enjoyable journey with us. We aim to give them the best possible advice and achieve the best possible sale price for them in the shortest possible time. Ultimately we want to exceed their expectations.”

The excitement of a Closing Date and achieving exceptional offers are always a highlight for Sheryl and her team. However it’s not always plain sailing and, inevitably, within a department that sells over 1000 properties per year there will be some challenges. Peaks and troughs are par for the course but Sheryl’s experience and motivation helps the team steer the course.  

It’s a fast paced environment. “The Edinburgh property market is very buoyant at the moment”, says Sheryl. “It’s a seller’s market so buyers need to move quickly!” Currently her team is dealing with around 160 properties “live” on the market at any one time. Sheryl’s depth of experience enables her to support the team and her leadership is underpinned by strong negotiating skills, calmness in challenging situations and a desire to provide excellent customer service.

When she’s not motivating the team, Sheryl assists the Negotiators with property marketing reviews and monitors feedback from buyers and sellers, she assesses sales statistics including prices and timescales and reviews internal processes in line with Law Society guidelines. She also works closely with MOV8’s New Client and Conveyancing teams to ensure good communication and a smooth journey for the client.

After eight months Sheryl relishes her role at MOV8. “The company is fun and fresh and and I work with a great team!” she says. “I enjoy working with promising individuals and watching them develop their skills.”

Sheryl’s motivation and enthusiasm extends beyond the workplace and she loves new challenges. She has completed two half marathons and next up is the Edinburgh Marathon Festival Team Relay. She has persuaded 15 of her colleagues at MOV8 (four teams) to take part in this latest challenge and to raise funds for MOV8’s chosen charity, the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity. Some of her colleagues have never done any running, so clearly Sheryl’s motivational skills are working wonders!

And after the Edinburgh Marathon? “Hill walking,” says Sheryl, but you get the feeling there’s more to it … “Munro bagging” – that’s hiking to the top of mountains in Scotland over 3000 feet. All 282 Munros? Who knows …

The saying “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” comes to mind or, as Sheryl would say, “Don’t settle for average”!


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